Friday, November 5, 2010

Hot Stuff !

...and things get crankin'! So we'd been asked to cleverly and conscientiously develop a physical education curriculum that we were proud to stand behind and ready to defend. The FITNESS FANATICS (that was our group!) did just that. Our philosophy for our PE program was to inspire the individual to strive for a lifetime of physical fitness - one that was completely enjoyable to them (because what's more important than fun)!! We believe that with the proper (and enthusiastic) introduction to a vast variety of physical activities from each of the activity categories we will be able foster the confidence to attempt new (and perhaps even wild) things and instill in our students a love for physical fitness.

Pete and Ian tap into their incredible wit and cleverness and create an unforgettable and comedic little skit to introduce our Fitness Fanatic plan ;) 

Discussing the who, what, when, where, why, and how of our physical fitness plan!

Eleana provides some examples of how one might implement lifetime fitness activities into their physical education curriculum! 

We must get creative in the activities we introduce because the more unique and fun the activity the more of a chance it sticks with the students and inspires them to get out there and have fun getting active! 
Jon introduces the class to Jack LaLanne and shows us exactly how Jack is a prime example of the benefits of a fitness oriented lifestyle!

Wrapping up! We encourage everyone to try new things and have fun doing it :) It's our job to expose students to the unfamiliar and help them to pursue those activities in which they find themselves!
We will continue to strive to become well-educated, responsible, and resourceful physical educators and we will be prepared to defend the definite necessity for a diverse, healthy, and efficient physical education program in our schools.

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