Sunday, November 28, 2010

Totally Turkerific :)

Our Thanksgiving lab was wonderful. Ian, Tracy, and I got to work with the Pre-K this week and I can absolutely say we had so much fun doing it :) Tracy and I got to spend some time in the Pre-K classroom and had a blast getting to know some of the kids! We got to talk about everything we were thankful for while creating a masterpiece: The THANKFUL TURKEY!

We all picked our favorite color and made a feather for our Turkey. On each feather was a little piece of us that we were thankful for. Many of us were thankful for friends, family, and much loved pets.
The Pre-K had a blast creating this Thanksgiving masterpiece! The thankful turkey is our collection of the things in life that we love the most and are the most thankful for.

It was so much fun to listen to all of the interesting things that each of the students were thankful for. There were so many wonderful stories that exemplified the character of each of them!

Spending some quality time with the students before the afternoon comes to a close.

They always have something funny and insightful to say!

Physical Education is about so much more than just the physical. It is our job to educate the whole child! We have innumerable ways to help our children grow into thoughtful, responsible, respectful individuals.

It is especially awesome working with kids this age because they are just so happy and excited to be where they are. Everything is new and an adventure for them. If you listen close enough, you can learn a lot about the simple things in life - the pure and good things that can really make someone happy and appreciative of their life.

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