Monday, November 29, 2010

A Little Christmas FUN :)

This past weekend I was privledged to spend some quality time with the students and parents of St. Mary's School. On Friday, late afternoon, a group of us helped the school set up for their big Christmas Bazaar! It was neat to be a part of the effort that went into preparing such an event. The ladies did a great job decorating for Christmas, the school was beautiful! We were more so responsible for setting up tables, chairs, and games. Saturday, however, was the fun part :) On Saturday morning, Tracy and I were responsible for the football throw for a couple of hours. It was AWESOME! The kids loved it, let me tell ya! They were so adorable! It was great to see them having a blast!

Game on!!!

Shootin' some hoops with the kids and Spongebob!

Getting to spend some time with the kids in a fun and relaxed setting outside of the gym - was AWESOME!

They were able to win prizes and hang out with Santa himself! What could be better?! (Well, besides real reindeer)!!!

It was a wonderful experience to be a part of the school and community outside of the classroom. It's totally about being more than just a teacher. I definitely had a ball :)

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